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          Here is the KADEALON hardware, a different world! 

          Any enterprise\'s existence, development and expansion or destroy has its reason, the fundamental reason is that it survival soil. Objectively, the soil namely age trends and conditions, subjective judgment is enterprise how people trend and using enterprise operation conditions, that is the direction and means. For the present, to a modern enterprise objective conditions faced by the relative is trivial, comparing to the trend is given by the opportunity. The key is the former reality while the latter intangible. This will give our judgments brings considerable difficulty, also it is the main reason most enterprises do not fully successful. 

          In an industry, whether emerging or traditional, as for an enterprise is concerned, it is not the wrong choice, but only wrong development. In the industry development of competition, the development of the famous brand is a kind of trend. What is a famous brand? Famous brand is an title of organic system. It has the advanced culture, additional unique market understanding, optimized the organizational form, stable product quality and perfect after-sale service. And social responsibility is the biggest one of the ingredients of market understanding, followed by advocates a has grade and style of the true, the good aesthetic feeling of the form. All of the enterprise is the pursuit of profit as the basic conditions of existence, KADEALON think: profits is subsidiary income of enterprise for social do contribution. When after you ignore this, then you will ignore \"trend\"? The current hardware market, same as bushes in the springtime shines down but again no vitality ridgepole builds. Actually, this kind of view is give us a very valuable signals, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that is how we in this piece of bushes, sunshine air equilibrium conditions quickly grew into a towering tree, which requires us to first should plunge good oneself of foundation, fix their foliage. No more way. Perhaps KADEALON born carrying a heavy historic mission, namely this mission made her the huge wings suddenly of hard but extremely aesthetic feeling. Also KADEALON future can achieve high premise, where all KADEALON firm belief and sweat will be the tree future star dazzling aura important component. 

          This is KADEALON hardware: a unique world! 

          Because of you, our tomorrow will be better! 

          If an enterprise compared to a reservoir, then this enterprise power reflect as water saving capability, while for the sand, steel tiled flat, so our storage capacity is our own height, once the condensing stack, can form a commandant for spectacular dam. A people of the modern enterprise should possess the basic quality tenacity, hard work, self-improvement and team spirit, KADEALON current success is to unite, the result of the success for the future is still unite results. We pay attention to every employee personal development and creativity, and he plays in KADEALON irreplaceable role. Character equality, every one try his best, fatigue has got is KADEALON cooperation principles. It is a cooperation society, the only person\'s strength is limited, only cooperation, can fill each others strength together. Cooperation principle is in a certain principle range and do our utmost to help your partners achieving his goal, simultaneously has completed own goals. 

          Every KADEALON people should not be overlooked: you are part of the KADEALON, because of you, we just have today, because of you, our future will be better. 

          Do everything thoroughly, perfectly well. 

          Maslow defined the person\'s five needs the highest level is achievement. In fact, while a person has the achievement, other material and spirit will be soon followed. They are complementary unity. The key is from which Angle you chasing the goal. KADEALON encourages and supports all the birth of achievements, do this, namely KADEALON achievement. 

          In this era, man and man\'s difference is small, even if there are fully success and failure complete two people. A bucket of water stored depends on the piece of lowest height wood. Embodied in most people, is blundering. Therefore, eliminate blundering, from now to start, do everything thoroughly, perfectly, is prerequisite to satisfy achievements and success. Also it is request of KADEALON all employeesí». 

          KADEALON future flashes summons us, whether it is laughter or tears, smooth or muddy, as long as our hearts beating and blood stream, road in front...