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          Analysis: the dragons and fishes jumbled together how to choose the smart door locks lock Market
          In general, the hotel hopes for intelligent door lock service life of at least 5 years, so the selection of intelligent door lock must consider a variety of factors, such as the product brand, quality, price, service, in order to avoid a loss. The intelligent door market, Mori intelligent door in terms of brand, quality, price, or services, walk in the forefront of the industry.
          Intelligent door lock as a high-tech products, in the field of hotel door locks have become the dominant products, but how to choose the intelligent door lock is a big problem for the users. According to the Nanfang Daily reported, a Shenzhen four Stars Hotel, engineering staff do not understand the intelligent lock selection methods, selection of a low-cost smart locks, hotel intelligent lock in that after half a year, appeared the lock body rust, is not working properly and seriously affect the reputation of the hotel and service, when looking for the manufacturer to resolve, only to find manufacturers have gone, to the hotel to bring huge economic loss and reputation.
          In dragons and fishes jumbled together intelligent lock market, how to choose the smart door locks, are described below. Intelligent door lock is the image of the hotel, good intelligent locks, in Check Inn Hotel guests comfort and convenience, but also to create a good image of the hotel, which is also the largest smart locks to pursue.
          In the electronic control, intelligent door lock control circuit board automatic SMT technology ( SMT ), high temperature aging, online testing, vibration aging, moisture penetration paint production technology, thereby thoroughly eliminated because of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor caused by internal condensation of water vapor lock on circuit board components resulting damage, improves circuit performance. Look from quality, smart locks series of products based on research and development strength, the independent development of non contact type IC card intelligent door lock, the contact type IC card intelligent door lock, TM smart card lock and electronic double control intelligent door lock.
          Data stored in more than 10 years, and all of the electronic key in order to improve the security performance of the encoding on the encryption algorithm used, in addition to the use of independent intellectual property rights and development of software system produced electronic key, electronic key is impossible to replicate, to overcome the mechanical key can be copied and strong safety performance, low, improvement of door lock safety performance. In the smart card encryption key, lock of smart cards, keys are used with physical password verification function, good safety, high reliability electronic key.
          These unique product advantages, in the domestic intelligent lock industry is leading, it embodies the largest lock development personnel on product a kind of idea?? intelligent locks to users is not only a simple security measures, but a safer, more comfortable, more convenient for users to enjoy, provides a complete their own, quiet, private space.
          In sale, the timely completion of door lock installation guide, personnel training and so on, so that the user can on time, satisfied with the use of; in customer service, because the lock of high quality, high performance, the probability of problems is very small, but when there is a problem, as long as the user calls, Mori engineers will provide you paid services, the user from any menace from the "rear". In the pre-sale, engineer for users on the performance of various products, construction principle, technical parameters, to solve the user most issue of concern, and to customize the system scheme.