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          Hardware lock to lead the new direction of intelligent lock

          After the reform and opening up 30 years of development, China's lock industry dimensions expands ceaselessly, the product coverage to widen ceaselessly, enterprise independent brands gradually stronger, industry comprehensive competitive power. At present, China's most important locks production base concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other places. In the product range, padlock, spherical lock, knob lock still has bigger market space, a bicycle lock, door lock, cabinet lock, car lock and special purpose locks products with the upstream product development is changing, intelligent lock, walkie-talkie buildings has become a modern social life indispensable function of the product.

              Along with the society, culture, science and technology progress, the mechanical lock security has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, but also, to some extent, safety measures the intensity is actually and identity, status, intelligent electronic lock ( including locks, lock, fingerprint, iris lock) as new generation of recognition technology is more and more apparent, will gradually replace the mechanical lock became the new lead lock industry.

               The so-called intelligent lock, is electronic technology, integrated circuit design, large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology ( including computer network technology, software card, network alarm, lock body mechanical design ) and other comprehensive products. With the emergence of the intelligent lock, largely solves the disadvantages of mechanical lock, it makes people get rid of the dependence on the key, improve safety.

               As consumers of biometric identification technology, electronic technology and other high-tech, intelligent locks products increased demand, locks enterprises should seize the opportunity, it is with the market oriented, adjust and optimize the product structure, to seize the high-end lock product market; to high-tech, high value-added locks and commercial research and development as a key lock, increases the material, process, technique conform with international standard strength; carry out scientific research, improve lock intelligent, information-based degree, electronic, mechanical and electrical integration, biological recognition computer technology and other advanced means of grafting to lock products; in the independent intellectual property rights under the time, formed their own core technology and patents; aim at the advanced international level, through integrated innovation and the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, accelerate the progress of the development of new products; with reference to the international advanced standards, support and the development of new products to adapt the product standard; take effective measures and strong step, accelerate achievement of science and technology conversion speed; the implementation of brand strategy, to further enhance brand awareness, pay close attention to quality management, cultivate a batch of excellent quality, in the domestic market has a certain influence on the brand locks . Intelligent era, China's hardware lock industry to overtake the world brand created opportunity, point to clear direction.